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Below are some internet links  that may be of interest to you.

If you have a web site that might be of interest to my visitors, please email me and I will consider adding it..

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Olson Radio "Flyers"

Links to web sites

These links are 10-years old.

some may not still be available.

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buy Reel to Reels ebay tape recorder search Accessories Too!
Voice of Music New Recorder Parts & much more If you are rebuilding/repairing a VM R-R added services, check them out!
When Radio Was Old Time Radio Programs Listen to new programs daily (free)
Antique Radios great gallery of old radios
Reel To Reels another reel to reel web site  
New 1/4" blank tape for R-R's a place on the web to buy new tape
MCM Electonics Parts for your R-R idler wheel restorer, etc.
Tubes tubes for radios and R-R's
Capacitors replacement capacitors for your R-R
More Antique Radios Antique lots of antique radio history and pix's
Houston Vintage Radio Assn.
Manufacturer of Reel to Reels
This site is for antique radio buff's
 Learn of their products and History

I receive emails asking where to find "Service" for Reel to Reels.  I recommend finding a retired TV repair man.  They serviced these recorders over the years.  You can tell them about my site and this page for parts. Do a internet search for a Antique Radio Club in your area.  They often have retired TV service people in their membership.

I am often ask where to find belts.  I make my round belts with "O" ring stock from the auto supply store and glue the ends with superglue.  The "Flat" slip belts, used for forward and rewind, use bra strap from the fabric store. (it works!) Sew the ends together. (or glue them)

I get questions about lubing the old machines to make them work.  light oil from the hardware store and sometimes WD-40 works.  Be careful to not OVER lube.  The best job is to disassemble the drive wheels from the shafts and clean the old dried up lube stuff with alcohol before applying the new lubricant..

Remember: your old tube reel to reel recorder operates with hundreds of volts within it's circuits.  Make sure the power is un-plugged and safe before getting inside the case.

I have some parts sources listed above and VM parts source below.  Don't forget auctions on ebay.  I recently won a auction for a P-P audio output transformer for a 1955 Webcor .

R-R  parts & services, also VM R-R, new belts & Parts:  Voice of Music


Olson Radio Warehouse 1952     

from antique 1952 sales flyers

Check out the 1950's "Bargains!"

$1.00 in 1952 = $8.15 today

with inflation!




FYI  Olson was a famous electronic parts supplier in the 50's.  I bought my first R-R from Olson. Delivered by Railway Express.


A couple of old "favorite" meters

Triplett 630          Simpson 260

Your New RR with Accessories


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